About me

Hi! Welcome to my blog!


My name is Andrea and I’m a Spanish girl with a passion for food. I don’t have any fancy cooking titles, I didn’t go to culinary school and I don’t have any life-long beautiful story about how I learned to cook – I’m just a girl who loves food and has taken it upon herself to learn how to make it delicious!

I moved to Poland when I was 18 years old to go to medical school and at that point I honestly had no idea how to cook anything that wasn’t a bowl of pasta! My first few months of university were definitely your typical “student life” in terms of food and then somewhere along the way I decided I was sick and tired of always having the same thing over and over again! So I started looking for recipes on the internet. This led me to finding one or two YouTube channels – initially baking ones – where I discovered how much I loved watching people make food! (Is that weird?) I found it so beautiful and inspiring. I wanted so badly to have a kitchen like theirs, equipment like theirs and to make beautiful cakes and cookies like they did! It was amazing.

During my first few years of medschool I started baking – making a bunch of cookies, muffins, tried making some cakes too… It was a bit of a rocky start! I definitely felt very artsy fartsy but things just never came out the way I hoped they would! Also my then-boyfriend-now-husband started complaining that we were gaining weight with all the baking I was doing so this pretty much forced me to put baking aside for a bit and focus on learning how to cook other stuff. I then discovered a whole other range of YouTube channels and online blogs and began to expand my culinary knowledge. 

Andrea and Mike

So I started to experiment in the kitchen! I learned how to cook all sorts of things and also dipped my toes in trying different cuisines and the amount of people I was following on YouTube just kept growing and growing – I started watching regular self-taught cooks, some professional chefs, meal-preppers, goofballs, … you name it! I obviously already loved food but finding content online became my go-to way to de-stress and relax. You know how some people get home and watch TV? This was my TV. I mean, back then we didn’t even own a television and also I was living in Poland – I couldn’t even understand it!

After medical school I moved to the UK and began working in a small hospital where I’ve been ever since! I grew up living by the sea so finding a small town by the sea with reasonable-for-England weather and nice people has been like winning the jackpot. I do work a lot and I do feel super tired all the time but something that always makes me feel better is a nice home-cooked meal. It just hits the spot every time! I find it so comforting but also rewarding – to put effort into making something that will make you and your family feel good. It’s just so much better than any fast-food you can get your hands on. 


So this is my story – I’m such a homebody! I know that people in their 20s are supposed to be “wild and adventurous” but you know what – nothing sounds better to me than to have a bunch of close friends come home for a nice family-style home-cooked meal and great company. Call me weird! 

I really hope that you like my content and the recipes I post, they honestly are all yummy and things that we eat on a regular basis at home. Welcome to the family and I hope you enjoy the ride!